The Company

GrassSmart™ designs and manufactures Soil Condition Monitoring (SCM) systems for the commercial irrigation, municipal, retail and agricultural industries.

GrassSmart’s ‘green’ technology products are compelling for the marketplace and solves very common and hugely expensive problems such as overwatering of landscapes and reduces waste & runoff of fertilizers and chemicals. GrassSmart’s patented technology and proprietary algorithms enable our SCM to outperform existing systems by providing the most accurate and low cost soil condition information to solve these problems.

    Our History

  • GrassSmart has a rich history steeped in best of breed engineering and supported by rigorous R&D practices.
  • GrassSmart’s leadership team is composed of successful veterans of the irrigation, electronics,computer and software industries.
  • Strong Background

GrassSmart has two critical skill sets necessary to be successful: innovative technology and successful industry experience. GrassSmart has very strong engineering competencies ranging from engineering design to manufacturing of the final product. In addition, the team has experience developing relationship with distributors and strategic partners in the irrigation industry including international markets.

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