SoilSmart™ Features

What is SoilSmart™ Technology?

An advanced irrigation technology which determines when soil is water saturated.

What does SoilSmart™ Technology do?

  • A water schedule is automatically created by analyzing a large cross-section of your site
  • This water schedule is optimized for maximum efficiency by watering only when needed.
  • SoilSmart technology reacts to constantly changing site conditions, adjusting the water schedule for you.

Why SoilSmart™ Technology?

  • Improve water efficiency by using real site data to achieve an additional 15-30% in water savings.
  • Soilsmart™ technology works with any existing timer. Existing equipment does not need to be replaced or modified.
  • Dramatically reduce the number of trips back to the site for timer adjustments.

How can SoilSmart™ Technology be used?

  • With any existing timer
  • As a valuable addition to Central/Computer System
  • With other wireless applications
  • With Battery operated controllers
  • With ET-Based Controllers
  • For two wire installations

SoilSmart™ Technology Applications

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Residential

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