GrassSmart Voltage Output is Proportional to Soil ET

Soil Smart vs ET
  • Blue dots in the graph represent actual measurement points.
  • Wilting line is approximately 33% of the water saturation point.
  • All measurement points were higher than the wilting line.
  • The controller self-adjusts at the saturation state to 2.1 V.
  • The straight line represents the linear relationship between SoilSmart data and ETO.
  • The Weather Station is 20 miles away from the test site, CIMIS 195.
  • The value of ETO were obtained from the weather station over the course of six weeks when there was 1/2 inch of rainfall.

What does it mean?

There is a high correlation between SoilSmart data and Weather Station data which indicates that the controller tracks actual site water depletion due to weather conditions. The dispersion of the blue dots are expected as the Weather Station is located about 20 miles away from test location.

Soil Smart vs. ET
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